Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More on the BBC's 'web 2.0' plans

[Keyword: , , , ]. Head of BBC News Interactive Pete Clifton is quoted in Press Gazette on the BBC's plans to relaunch as a web 2.0-based operation next year:
"plans include increased personalisation features for the front page of BBC News Online, an expansion of the site's live statistics tracker and possibly wiki-style pages that would let users contribute to compilations of information. A BBC News API (application programming interface) could let web developers outside the BBC access news content for their own projects."

But perhaps more noteworthy is the (welcome) focus on possible structural changes:

"An important part of the review, he said, would be examining how BBC News needs to be organised to deliver information across platforms.

"We all have to look at our newsrooms and ask ourselves whether they are set up for the challenges ahead. Is it real integration, or is there a bit of lipservice to do it with a token web person sitting at the end of the row," Clifton said, noting that competitors like The Daily Telegraph are working hard to integrate their newsrooms for multimedia publishing."

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