Wednesday, November 01, 2006

'Censorship and bias' tracked by news tool

[Keyword: , , , ]. Reasons to love new media #354: reports on NewsSniffer, a web mashup that
"monitors The Independent, Guardian Unlimited and BBC News throughout the day to check for changes made to published stories. Revisions are stored and highlighted for comparison by users, who are then invited to rank the most intriguing differences.

"The site's Revisionista tool illustrates the evolution of articles, including corrections to spelling and grammar mistakes. Its Watch Your Mouth feature stores comments "censored" after publication in BBC News' 'Have Your Say' threads.

""We're looking for systemic bias," Leeds-based software developer John Leach, the man behind the site, told "I'm of the belief that the corporate media has a pro-corporate agenda so I expect to find bias towards this."

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