Friday, November 03, 2006

More on video: it's the ads wot done it

[Keyword: , , , ]. The recent issue of The Journalist contains a small news item which sheds more light on the trend for newspapers to focus on online video:
"The plans for multi-media publishing are based on attracting multi-media advertising, the group's "new media" director Annelies van den Belt told the Association of Online Publishers conference in October.

""The consumer now has a much more multi-media approach," she said. "It's about following that consumer [with advertising] and touchpoints are becoming incredibly important. We have come up with 32 products that we can match touchpoints to during the day."
It seems that, just as the growth of online advertising was the motivation behind Rupert Murdoch's landmark speech, so it is now pushing online news towards video. What a shame.

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