Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Blog awards

And the winner for best awards title goes to... The BOBs!

More prosaically known as the Deutsche Welle International Blog Award 2004, the BOBs (Best Of [the] Blogs) have been announced with a raft of categories and an impressively global array of winners, with Best Blog going to a Chinese site, which had an innovative way of getting around the fact that you can't talk about human rights in the country, and Best Journalistic Blog: English going to the more famous Lawrence Lessig. Silver prize winner Editor:Myself is a bit more interesting, written by the Iranian-born Hossein Derakhshan about his home country.

PS: For another blog awards check out the rather ugly-looking Weblog 2004 Awards, which includes a rather bizarre vote based on the blogosphere ecosystem.

Or you can check out the Bafta Interactive Awards, with the BBC leading the nominations, according to the, erm, BBC.

Update (9Dec04): Yet another blog award is announced by A Fistful of Euros.


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