Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Read a murder suspect's blog

That's the upshot of this posting on The Blog Herald regarding Rachelle Waterman, a 16 year old Live Journal blogger of Ketchikan, Alaska, who has been charged with 1st degree murder following the killing of her mother:
"Her last post to her blog (since removed) indicated that her mother had been murdered and the police were about to seize her computer, however she gave no indication of her role in the conspiracy."
What's most eerie about this is the fact that you can still access her blog and - it being in diary style - gain an idea of her life, her thoughts, and so on. Delving deeper, you can read her profile, and even access listed friends such as bobtheshoe. Of course there's a huge ethical issue here of prejudicing the judicial process, but since when has that stopped some journalists?


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