Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sunday Telegraph editor: tell us what we don't know

[Keyword: ]. Patience Wheatcroft, the editor of The Sunday Telegraph, is quoted in the Guardian on the future of newspapers. And if you're expecting any pearls of wisdom from that hyperlink, don't get your hopes up. "Newspapers will be with us for a lot longer yet," she shockingly predicts. "When people have more leisure time, and this is particularly true for weekend papers, they will still want to sit down and read papers." Let me guess: it's their portable nature that gives them the advantage? You can't read the internet in the bath, eh?

But there's more. "Increasingly important in the multichannel world is the brand. People have to know who to trust. Old established brands equal strong relationships and that is what it is all about." Ah yes, another original argument. You can't believe what these scruffy bloggers are posting, can you?

Still, Wheatcroft does acknowledge "that the impact of the digital era on newspapers was "the most profound change in the way in which we communicate [with consumers] since the birth of the printing press"." Next thing you know, she'll be calling it 'revolutionary'...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a danger in making the means of presentation the arbiter of truth, rather than the content. For most reporters in the field the satisfaction of getting the story has always been more important than its' presentation. You file it and go for a drink.
Blogs are just as open to propagandists as newspapers. Why should the two be in conflict, apart from in narrow commercial terms. What should drive any blogger or editor is the exposure of truth and providing information, explanation and entertainment. And on that all media should be judged

July 06, 2006 9:56 pm  

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