Monday, June 05, 2006

Bloggers - sell your wares

[Keyword: ]. reports on a new content brokering agency due to launch next week: ScooptWords - an extension of "citizen photojournalism agency" Scoopt.

The article reports that bloggers will be able to "place a button on their website indicating an article is available for re-publication. Publishers then use the service to make a transaction earning them syndication rights to re-print the post. ... [The service is] working with contributors to bloggers network Nightcap Syndication, many of whom are already published journalists seeking commissions. The service will "actively push" members' work to newsdesks."

The article goes on to neatly summarise:
"The move is the latest in a wave of collaborations that illustrate the increasing value of blogs to printed media. The relaunched Guardian carries a daily blog opinion round-up inside its front page, BlogBurst provides pre-approved weblog articles to US newspaper websites, Associated Press last week began showing bloggers' commentary next to stories syndicated to its customers and the International Herald Tribune is to carry stories written by contributors to Korean citizen
journalism network OhmyNews."


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