Thursday, April 07, 2005

Sites for subs

[Keyword: ]. The April/May issue of the NUJ's Journalist magazine contains a particularly useful column from Humphrey Evans on websites for subs (or, as he points out "in the USA it's called copy editing. HTat's the phrase to enter in the search engine"). These include:
  • - includes a link to an accompanying blog, which includes informed comment on lazy writing.
  • - click on 'Resources' in the top corner for useful articles.
  • - which I was familiar with but had never noticed had a dedicated search engine which "claims to trawl 221 journalism sites"
  • - the description in Evans's column makes it sound pretty esoteric, and as the link wouldn't load, I'll let you find out...
  • (Society for Editors and Proofreaders - sadly seems to restrict most of its content to members)
  • - an email network for subs.


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