Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Blog with a click

This extention for Firefox allows you to select text from any site and post it to your blog. Blog software supported includes "Blogger, Drupal, LiveJournal, Movable Type, Radio Userland, TextPattern, TypePad, WordPress, journalspace, b2evolution and BLOG:CMS. Plus you can add any weblog type you want through the Custom... setting."

Strangely, it didn't work for me immediately with Blogger, and I'm not sure why it suddenly did work... I'll keep this updated, as I'm sure I won't be the only person to have this problem...

UPDATE: Okay, I think I've sorted it. To make it work, you have to do the following:
  1. select the text you want to blog.
  2. Right-click on that text and select JustBlogIt!
  3. On the window that appears type in the name of your blog (e.g. 'ojournalism'), and select the blog provider (e.g. 'Blogger'). Click OK.
  4. Now here's the crucial part. Right-click on the text again and select JustBlogIt! This time the window that appears should be the Blog This! one that you get on all Blogger blogs, allowing you to type in your posting in raw HTML (the selected text and URL will have already been inputted), and select which blog to publish to (top right corner). When you're done writing your posting, click 'Publish' in that top corner.
  5. NOTE: I did this while already logged on to Blogger in another window, so that may also be factor.


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