Friday, January 26, 2007

Citizen Journalism conference blog

[Keyword: , , , ]. Well, the Citizen Journalism 2007 conference finally took place today. Michael Hill, Trinity Mirror's Head of Multimedia, spoke of the group's "garlic bread moment" in converting to the new media age, while blogger Tom Reynolds talked of the power of the blogosphere, as well as its self-regulating nature. Vicky Taylor, the BBC's Head of Interactivity, outlined the organisation's approach to user generated content, and the whole was riddled with extensive questioning and debate.

You'll find some coverage already at (Trinity Mirror launches ultra-local citizen journalism sites), but for more on the speeches take a look at the conference blog at - which I'll be adding to later - and there's a conference wiki at which anyone can contribute to.

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Paul Bradshaw lectures on the Journalism degree at UCE Birmingham media department. He writes a number of blogs including the Online Journalism Blog, Interactive PR and Web and New Media

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