Friday, January 19, 2007

A glossary of online news terms

[Keyword: , ]. The Online Journalism Review have started a potentially very useful glossary of online news terms on their site - and in admirable fashion, have made it a wiki that registered users can edit.

I've been in there and said my bit, adding user generated content, crowdsourcing, podcast, vodcast, vlogs, moblogs, photoblogs, CMS, and 'wiki' itself - and just to be a pedant, I've changed the headings from being simply bold (meaningless), to actually using heading tags (h3, if you must know). I'll be claiming my percentage when the OJR's search engine rankings improve.

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Paul Bradshaw lectures on the Journalism degree at UCE Birmingham media department. He writes a number of blogs including the Online Journalism Blog, Interactive PR and Web and New Media


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