Saturday, March 11, 2006

Where do blogs and 'citizen journalism' intersect?

[Keyword: ]. This has become a pet topic of mine of late. It seems that the term 'citizen journalism' (which used to refer more specifically to sites such as OhmyNews), as it has gained currency, has also gained a vagueness which includes blogging, moblogging, podcasts, vodcasts and other forms of online journalism under its umbrella. Some journalists' understanding of the term seems to be muddied, and often twinned with that is a view of it as inferior in some way. Mindy McAdams gives a strong argument as to when blogging can be considered citizen journalism - but it's worth noting that not all blogging is citizen journalism, and the same is true of podcasts, etc. Those who spend a little time browsing these forms will be able to pick out the good stuff.


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