Wednesday, March 08, 2006

How to get your stories to the top of the search rankings

[Keyword: ]. The answer, suggests Robert Niles, is to publish your running stories in a wiki:
"I'm suggesting that -- instead of distinct daily takes -- news stories could be covered with encyclopedia-style articles that staffers would update with new information whenever available. How many more inbound links would such an approach get? How much higher in SERPs might this page place than a traditional story archive page? And, most important, how much more accessible would a new or infrequent reader find this approach -- as opposed to the traditional list of links to daily news stories?
"[...]Of course, there is a drawback to the wiki/encyclopedia approach. This way of writing does not well serve the loyal, frequent readers, who come to a news site looking for the latest incremental information on a topic. Why make those readers wade through paragraphs of familiar background, looking for the new stuff?
"This is where a hybrid of blogging and a wiki could prove killer. Set up your front page as a blog, providing an entry point for frequent readers to learn what is new on the site. Then maintain the archive as a collection of wiki-style summaries, recapping "the story to date" on those topics. Maintain a chronological archive, if you must, but meta-tag it as "no index" to spiders, as not to dilute their attention to your wiki-style archive pages."


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