Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Best Blogging Newspapers in the US

[Keyword: ]. Here's a great idea for teaching students about online journalism: a professor and a group of his students have drawn up "the top blogging newspapers in the U.S. among [the 100 largest] dailies. We found six standouts, two honorable mentions and some wacky blogs. Number One in our eyes: the Houston Chronicle. By a mile."

Here's the list:
1. Houston Chronicle
2. Washington Post
3. USA Today
4. St. Petersburg Times
5. Atlanta Journal-Constitution
6. San Antonio Express-News

...and two sites "where the blogging efforts were worthy of honorable mention:"
New Orleans Times-Picayune
The Oklahoman

The report lists eight factors the selectors saw as critical:

  1. Ease-of-use and clear navigation.
  2. Currency
  3. Quality of writing, thinking and linking.
  4. Voice.
  5. Comments and reader participation.
  6. Range and originality.
  7. Explain what blogging is on your blogs page.
  8. Show commitment!
- and you can read why the papers that won, did win, on the special report too.


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