Friday, March 24, 2006

More on citizen journalism from Press Gazette

[Keyword: ]. I've yet to see the print version but Press Gazette's website has already published the articles from this week's Reporter's Guide to Citizen Journalism: here's the page's text with links in full:

"Our Reporter’s Guide to Citizen Journalism is introduced by Mike Ward of the
University of Central Lancashire, who argues that professional news organisations cannot afford to ignore citizen journalism. Julie Tomlin interviewed citizen
journalism doyen Dan Gillmor
. Graham Holliday explained how journalists can make the best use of the blogosphere. I paid a visit to the dedicated BBC unit that sifts through the deluge of “user-generated content”. Jonathan Munro of ITV, John
Ryley of Sky News
related their experiences of using content supplied by the
cameraphone-wielding public, while Nic Robertson of CNN wrote about using a cameraphone to report from Iraq. Kyle McRae recounts the early days of his citizen journalism picture agency Scoopt, and how it has made few friends on tabloid feature desks.

"For the uninitiated, we also have some links to notable citizen
journalism projects
and social news aggregators and bookmarking tools."

PS: Thanks to Graham Holliday, who posted this link in his comment to my previous post - suitably enough, another way that journalists can make use of the blogosphere.


Anonymous Graham Holliday said...

Thanks Paul. You can grab a pdf of one piece here:

March 24, 2006 9:46 am  

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