Monday, July 11, 2005

London bombings - the online response

[Keyword: ]. I was going to write an overview of online coverage of last week's bombings, but's Jemima Kiss (who apparently shares my birthday) has already written one. There's an interesting point on how registration becomes a real problem in these situations - given that news is supposed to be a public service, perhaps news organisations should decide to switch off registration when a big event like this happens.

What's also interesting is how wikis and keyword-driven hosts such as Flickr have been used. Flickr in itself gives an interesting insight into how people react to the tragedy - from taking pictures of TV coverage, to images of the floral tributes, to tube tickets for the day in question.

UPDATE (July 13.05): Mark Glaser at the OJR also provides an overview of coverage, including tales of people vying to take cameraphone images of the dying.


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