Tuesday, June 21, 2005

and now the news, from BT

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""It's very future-looking," the BT spokesperson says, but it doesn't look a future shaped by public service goals. BT's just launched a trial of radio and TV services for cellphones. Virgin UK customers, initially a trial of 1000 around London, have been able to from yesterday listen to up to 50 digital radio stations and watch clips from satellite TV. The other cell phone companies are putting their toes in the water in similar ways. Might be the future of radio, and I can get enthusiastic about the coming together of online and radio, with the tens of thousands of stations I'll be able to tune into as I commute to work. But look at the growing power of the telcos. We're getting closer to a situation where the same few companies control access to most of people's digital media, and where those companies are ones that think of people first and foremost as consumers. What's BT's commitment to quality journalism and public debate?


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