Thursday, June 09, 2005

Half the population on broadband

[Keyword: ]. Another survey shows the take-up of broadband Internet in homes is reaching a critical mass for the industry. About half of homes in South Korea have fast connections and Europe is close to overtaking it. Nearly half of homes in Denmark and the Netherlands now have fast Internet access, and the rate of increase is pretty high, according to a Dutch research company, TelecomPaper.

In New Zealand, where I'm based, the media industry is pretty wary about putting broadcast media content online or about adding to current (essentially shovelware) online content, saying they'll wait till dial-up is replaced by faster, always-on connections for most people. I tend to be sceptical about arguments that technology drives the media, but on this one maybe the changing infrastructure is the next big thing for online journalism, just because it's been holding things back for so long.


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