Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Blog history

Now that blogs have finally convinced me of their usefulness, I'm trying to put together a brief history, as well as a list of blogs that have made the mainstream news. Current links unearthed are as follows:
Famous blogs include:
  • The Baghdad Blog: Salam Pax’s diary of his experiences during the bombing of Baghdad became world famous, and have now been published as a book. Also worth checking out is Christopher Allbritton's coverage at Back to Iraq: he set himself up as the war's first independent correspondent, and, with contributions from readers, managed to successfully report from the country without the restrictions that conventional journalists operated under - restrictions such as those of CNN, who asked their correspondent Kevin Sites to suspend his (independently written) blog.
  • Also published as a book was Breakup Babe, albeit somewhat less journalistically relevant.
  • Mariah Carey famously went into emotional meltdown live on her blog.
  • Queen of the Sky: Semi-fictional account of a US air hostess’s life. She was sacked as a result of the blog - not the only one to suffer such repercussions, as this Wired article attests.
  • The blogs that exposed CBS: well, there were a few. This one - not actually a blog, but a message board post - supposedly started it all. This article gives an overview of what happened, but strangely, no links. For those you need to look at this article on the always useful
  • also gives the detail behind blogs that led to the resignation of the senate GOP leader. Yes, it passed me by too.

If you can think of any more (is anyone out there?) let me know.


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