Thursday, November 04, 2004

Creative Commons licence

Thanks to a conversation with a colleague who's been doing this longer than I have, I've now added a Creative Commons licence to my blog. This is one of those fascinating developments that digitalisation has produced in the intellectual property area, ideal for those who think information should be free, but are still afraid of being shafted by some upstart in Cheshire.

Me, I'm not so precious about what I produce. This may be to do with the fact that once upon a time I would be producing thousands of words of copy every week, but it seems to me that the value lies not in what I've put on paper once upon a time, but with what's in my head and RSI-raddled fingers, so I will continue to refrain from putting copyright symbols on the bottoms of pages.

UPDATE (Nov 11 2004): Creative Commons have now branched out into patents and scientific publishing, in case you were interested.


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