Tuesday, November 09, 2004

100 words that define one hour of news

Changing the way we view news? A new method of news surfing for the information age? 10x10 is one of the best ideas I've seen in ages: 100 images from the latest news stories, presented in a grid format and updated on a click. Rollover each image to see a word highlighted to the right (apparently worked out from a linguistic analysis of news text).

Contrary to first impressions, it is the words that are the most important for the hour, and the images only support those. You can also click on 'history' at the bottom to see snapshots from previous times - although this only goes back to the beginning of November.

The guy who created the site is also behind Wordcount - "an interactive presentation of the 88,000 most frequently used English words, arranged as one very long sentence." In fact, just go to his site and spend your afternoon browsing through his previous projects. You've nothing really important to do, have you?


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