Monday, October 09, 2006

Some insights from the man helping the Telegraph move to an integrated newsroom

[Keyword: , ]. has a lengthy interview with Dr Dietmar Schantin, director of Ifra's Newsplex, who has been advising The Telegraph as it makes the change to a fully integrated newsroom. Some choice quotes:
"you don't copy and paste. You need to add value if you go to a different channel.

"As a newspaper you shouldn't copy the BBC, or you shouldn't copy Channel 4 radio, you should do your own thing with audio and video.

"This is where some newspapers, I think, are making mistakes, they just try to be the BBC but they are a newspaper."

"The whole idea of audience orientation seems to be quite new for some newspapers, in the past it was more 'we know what is good for our readers and so we distribute the content.'

"We are trying more to say 'we are a service company and our service is information, news, this content, and we serve our audience with the things they want to know and on the platform where it is comfortable for them to consume it.'

"You start from the audience, what they want is a very important point but still you are not doing just what the audience says otherwise you are just a mainstream paper, at the same time you keep your core values."

"It's about target groups and the vision I have is that at the next stage you have editors that are responsible for a certain target group. They take the channels and the content they then need to serve that certain target group.

"I think this is far ahead because it is a completely different way of commissioning."

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