Friday, October 06, 2006

ITV wakes up to citizen journalism - as an end of year novelty

[Keyword: , , ]. More from this week's Press Gazette, this time on citizen journalism. ITV - better known for its opinionated news coverage than letting viewers do the reporting - is apparently planning an end of year news review programme that will focus entirely on user-generated content.

"I Was There: the People’s Review 2006, will be presented by ITV News presenter Katie Derham and will include material gathered from mobile phones, camcorders and other personal devices.
"The hour-long special will revisit news stories from 2006 from the viewpoints of the people who experienced them first-hand, and highlights the growing importance of citizen journalism."

The production of the show belies just how little citizen journalism is integrated into ITV: "A nationwide campaign has now begun to encourage viewers to gather and send in material for the review, which will be broadcast later this year."

Call me cynical, but I'm expecting the Lunchtime News meets You've Been Framed.

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