Monday, September 25, 2006

Tomorrow's newspaper according to the INMA

[Keyword: , , ]. Some food for thought from the INMA (International Newspaper Marketing Association) European Conference in Barcelona. As reported by Innovations in Newspapers, the last speaker, Earl Wilkinson, the Executive Director of the International Newspaper Maketing Association gave his view about tomorrow´s newspaper as follows:

"1. Core print product will become smaller to fit consumer lifestyles – fewer pages, smaller page size, shorter stories.

"2. Deep, rich journalism will move online and be enhanced in virtual universe.

"3. Core product will be customized, interactive, and on-demand.

4. Miniature versions of the core product will target under-served groups.

"5. Digital options will multiply – get the newspaper anywhere, anytime, anyway.

"6. Newspaper features will be unbundled … iTunes pay-per-click model.

"7. You will buy a multi-media “membership” in the newspaper, not a print subscription.

"8. “Citizen journalism” will become another source for newspapers like Reuters, AP.

"9. Less “voice of God” (monologue), more “mirror of the community” (dialogue)."

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