Friday, April 14, 2006

Publishers unite to fight Internet copyright abuse

[Keyword: ]. Another one from the latest Press Gazette on the latest internet demon: "They're stealing our content!" scream publishers, comparing their plight, strangely, with illegal downloading of mp3s and the alleged effect on music sales (much challenged (PDF), by the way).

Now, while Google News is no Napster, the one concern worth exploring is "about the rise of RSS feeds and news services which lift copy from news websites without payment, often circumventing the need for the reader to visit the sites."

The question is, how much are you prepared to sacrifice to attract new readers? My personal experience is that RSS feeds only serve to deliver me headlines. If the headline appeals, I click on the link to visit the website that publishes it, which surely increases traffic and therefore potential advertising? Perhaps there are more nefarious uses of the technology that I'm missing...


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