Tuesday, August 09, 2005

How people interact with and relate to digital media

[Keyword: ]. Here's a lengthy report for you to get your teeth into: the Online User Experience Study (PDF) from the Online Publishers Association. 49 pages which "identified 22 experiences that describe and define of how people interact with and relate to digital media, and determined how each of those specific experiences impact site usage." Thankfully (or not, if you prefer not to waste so much paper printing), each page is in PowerPoint style, i.e. not much to read - although there's also an overview (PDF) which is more succinct at 12 pages (you can also read the key points in the press release).

The most useful section is the recommendations pages - quoted below:

"1. The first stage is to look at the experiences that have a stronger effect on usage and
sort them into two groups: those that your Web site must provide at a high level to
continue to be in the game, and those that could differentiate you from competitors.

"2. From the remainder, choose two or three experiences whose current levels are lower
and/or ones on which you think you can make strides.

"3. Establish a benchmark measurement of the experiences on which you will focus.

"4. Create “experience-oriented” content aimed at enhancing your target experience. This
could take a variety of forms, including new criteria for content selection, different
story treatment, additional tools or features, etc.

"5. Assess audience reaction."


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