Friday, April 15, 2005

Murdoch wakes up

[Keyword: ]. Rupert Murdoch's papers have hardly been at the cutting edge of online journalism - but his speech to the American Society of Newspaper Editors contains some particularly important comments about the way that the print industry has reacted to the internet.

Interestingly, in comparing the new technology with the rise of audio and TV news before it, he makes the point that, by contrast, the print industry has an opportunity to use the internet.

But most telling is the lacklustre way this has been done so far. Key quotes:
"We have to refashion what our web presence is. It can’t just be what it too often is today: a bland repurposing of our print content. Instead, it will need to offer compelling and relevant content. Deep, deep local news. Relevant national and international news. Commentary and debate. Gossip and humor.

"...We need to be the destination for bloggers. We need to encourage readers to think of the web as the place to go to engage our reporters and editors in more extended discussions about the way a particular story was reported or researched or presented."
Much as I hate quoting Murdoch in this way, I have to say I look forward to seeing if his vast organisation starts asking "how high?" to his call for jumpers. Perhaps this is the start of a recruitment drive for online journalists... We can but hope.

You can also read Dan Gillor's take on the speech here.


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