Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Guardian launches 'print-and-read' PDF edition

[Keyword: ]. Here's a move that will have surprised a few newspaper editors, particularly those of the Metro freesheets: Press Gazette reports on The Guardian's launch of G24, an 8- to 12-page PDF version of the top stories from The Guardian website (you can also choose a particular version, such as 'World', 'Media', 'Sport, or 'Business').

The PDF, even more impressively, is updated every 15 minutes, which suggests that it is automatically generated. There is some empty space at the end of some articles as a result, but generally the layout is good for an automated system.

The whole is designed to be read on the move, and is free, with the revenue seemingly coming from sponsors BT. I'm guessing, though, that most people will print this off at work to read on the way home, rather than the other way around, which may give some comfort to Metro publishers.


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