Friday, May 12, 2006

Times boss "attacks" blogs (or does he?)

[Keyword: ]. There's a piece in the latest Press Gazette about Times managing director Paul Hayes launching "an attack on bloggers this week at the Internet World conference in London.":

"He said: "Millions of blogs have sprung up over the last year, but a cursory search shows that the majority of their information sources lead back to mainstream media. The bloggers are seeking or delivering insight, but what they need is accurate information on whatever subject they're interested in"

However, reading further it seems that Hayes delivers a more important insight into the nature and future of the medium, predicting that the blogs that "would endure" (whatever that means) were:

  • "branded bloggers" (well-known writers or celebrities);
  • "intelligent aggregators" (who make little comment but drive readers to other useful sites);
  • "well-connected bloggers" (such as journalists, ex-politicians or specialists who uncover information); and
  • "brilliant bloggers" (who attract readers with their prose and wit).

UPDATE (5.13pm): Thanks to the Press Gazette's Martin Stabe for quickly pointing out the original version of the story on the PG web site, which takes the angle suggested above (interestingly, with bullet points, too - credit due to Stabe for using scannability techniques): Enjoy your holiday, Martin!


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