Monday, May 09, 2005

The place of amateur journalism on Google News

[Keyword: ]. Kaibatsu of GrabaGeek makes the point that: "Now Google is seeking patent(s) to rank news quality ... The 4500 plus news sources will still be around but it will be harder to get your article's headline noticed to the world. So [writers on] sites like Grabageek and Neowin who promote amateur journalism will have to work harder to pass the rank rating to get your article on Google news."

Shame they didn't link to their source about Google seeking patents... I had to find it myself.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought I post a quick reason what happen to this story.

When I posted the article Google had like most of my postings placed it on the most of the time. It had 100 hits like witin the first 3 minutes then it was dead.

Google had pulled the story.

Bias I say. The story you probably saw was a chopped version so GrabaGeek wouldn't get banned Google News.

Sorry to say is no more. Admin problem caused the failure of the site.


June 06, 2006 5:28 pm  

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