Friday, March 04, 2005

'Cameraphones as Personal Storytelling Media'

Keyword: . Particularly well informed piece by Howard Rheingold about how the cameraphone may develop as a social medium. Here's a lengthy quote:
"Cameraphones enable an expanded field for chronicling and displaying self and viewpoint to others in a new kind of everyday visual storytelling," wrote [Keio University researcher Daisuke] Okabe, in a paper delivered at a conference in Korea at the end of 2004. Okabe's findings make a case that cameraphones represent a new opportunity to tell the story of our lives to ourselves as well as to others, and to share a sense of continuous, multisensory, social presence with people who are geographically distant. Tokyo youth have added a visual element to the flow of phone calls and text-messages among small groups of intimates that Okabe and colleagues have come to call "distributed co-presence."


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