Thursday, February 10, 2005

Citizen Journalism

Keyword: . The New York Times has an interesting article on Wikinews, which has gone fully live since I last reported on it. It makes a good point that the need for deadlines and topicality means users' contributions to shaping articles may not be as important as in other Wiki projects: "Wikinews articles are short-lived, so there is a reduced feeling of contributing to a knowledge base that will last a lifetime," the article quotes Erik Möller as saying (a "technology journalist in Berlin who drafted the original Wikinews project proposal").

There's a nod to other citizen journalist enterprises such as Korea's OhMyNews which, it should be noted, still employs a team of editors. And the extremely useful IndyMedia, a collection of independent news sources with a focus on alternative and protest movements.

Thanks also to Dean Heeley for introducing me to Out There News, "a channel for filmmakers, journalists and anybody caught up in the news to reach a world audience." with a current focus on Islam and the West. The site asks for "video, photos or articles which tell strong stories being ignored by mainstream media". As well as considering them online publication the site says it will work to find outlets for them in broadcast and print.


Blogger heeb said...

Firstly - there is a media day in Manchester -

The Jerusalem Post offers brief articles, easy to read and quick...has a 'scannability' to it! I like the rollig news banner. Also see the NY Times. Both have free subscription.

Also, check out - have a very thought provoking article about Israel - looking into why people should want to get rid of Israel - makes you aware of the new wave of anti-semitism hitting Europe.

I think the use of links to stories that would be of interest to people reading is a very useful addition to the website - this is done on - for example if you are looking at the Political parties - there is a link to PC, or Conservatives.. etc.

The websites that I have mentioned backup Crawford Kilian's theory that you need to 'hook up impatient visitors'. The use of simple and informative headlines, use of quotation markers (for quotes LOL), also the use of forums are good... have several forums enabling readers to discuss issues (in depth).

February 10, 2005 4:12 pm  

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